About Us

I started this site because of this new and intense interest in vinyl audio. I have always believed that we lost something when digital formats all but killed vinyl. In the pursuit of technical perfection, the life has been drained from the music.

I started this site because I grew up with vinyl and learned to love the warmth and tone of the format. I love my digital music as much as the next person, but just because you drink beer in the week doesn’t mean you can’t have fine wine on the weekends.

My main worry was that a lot of people were going to buy into the shallow products being marketed to capitalize on the latest craze. That’s more likely to hurt the perception and reputation of vinyl music than help it.

So that’s all this site is about. I just want to keep people who are interested in vinyl on the straight and narrow. It’s a part of musical history that’s worth preserving and not tarnishing.

If you’re on board with that idea then all you need to do in order to support my site is visit and share it. I believe that I’ve done my best to collect all the relevant information anyone would need to make the most of their vintage audio experience. If no one ever reads it, it can’t do any good after all.

So thanks for visiting my site. I hope you’ll find it a worthwhile place to be and that you’ll tell your friends. That way we can help make sure that vinyl gets the fair shake that it deserves.

The alternative is that the modern fad eats it up and spits it out, to be forgotten in the years to come. I, for one, can’t stand that idea.

Vinyl Vintage Audio System Reviews

If you’re completely new to the world of vinyl and vintage audio, I’d recommend to start with the reviews on Turntables, Phone Preamps, Record Cleaners and Speakers. Once you’ve got this covered, make sure to check the menu for more of my reviews.

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